A Thousand Hands

Skills demonstrated:
  • Construct 2
  • Vector graphic design
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Understanding of a game cycle

A Thousand Hands started as a prototype for a unique gameplay mechanic and it grew into a playable arcade game. It is made in Construct 2 and all the graphics are designed and drawn by me.

The gameplay concept was an advancement from NanDaiYo! and would later be reinvented into Hold On!. It involves pressing and holding down multiple keys at the same time. In this version I did wish to add more of a narrative element to it but I did not want to progress too far into this idea using a prototyping tool such as Construct 2.

During the development of A Thousand Hands I kept a Devlog on the TIGSource forums which contains a lot of images and gifs of the game as it progressed.

The download is from a shared Google Drive folder. The game will play sound on first launching. Start the game by opening the file win64/athousandhands.exe. 'Haxx Mode' will prevent you from getting a game over. Press Space whilst playing to pause the game.

Download A Thousand Hands

Below is a video of me (very badly) explaining and playing A Thousand Hands.