Hold On!

Skills demonstrated:
  • C++
  • Understanding of the game cycle
  • Vector graphic design
  • Promotion and confidence
  • Unique ideas
  • Independant development

Hold On! is my favourite game, I've been designing and refining it during my free time at university. It's been through multiple design iterations in the from of A Thousand Hands and NanDaiYo! It's been taken to local conventions and has received positive feedback. It is my favourite personal project, representing my love for unique and original games.

Hold On! is an endless high score based arcade game with a unique control method. It aims to get the player to press and hold all the keys on the keyboard at the same time. The game is very easy to learn, as a letter appears hold the key until the circle is full. But soon multiple letters spawn and some are spinning, or moving, or invisible, or all of the above!

This game is considered complete.

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