RPG Maker MV Game

Skills demonstrated:
  • Rapid development
  • Learning new tools
  • Comedy/Storytelling

I will become the strongest warrior in the land, no enemy will be too tough-
Too tough? Is that what you thought of my Steak and Kidney pie?
What? No I'm not talking about that-
And what's this about enemies? I don't want my little boy getting into fights!
If you're going out take a jacket, it's cold!

Mom Quest is a game that I designed and developed over the course of a 20 day free trial offer provided by the makers of RPG Maker MV

I gave myself the opportunity to learn new software in a time constraint. This motivated me to create something reasonable in a short amount of time.

The purpose of developing this game was to learn how to create and execute a story in a polished game environment. Although Mom Quest may not be the best story or the most polished, it still taught me a lot about what I need to do to achieve that feeling. I will be sure to apply it to my future games.

Caution: Sound may play immediately on opening.

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