Our Game With Zombies!

Skills demonstrated:
  • C++
  • Component based design
  • Video editing
  • Agile development
  • Team working
  • Version control with GitHub

A university assignment in the 3rd year required us in small groups to develop an engine and make a game using it. In a group of 3 people (including me) the game Our Game With Zombies was born from the Group 6 Engine.

At first we were to develop the base of an engine ourselves, my engine had basic componentism, 3D model loading and a rough gameplay layer. You can view the code for my individual engine on GitHub. When groups were chosen we decided to start with another members base engine to then further develop.

The tasks were defined but not assigned, anyone could pick up a task they felt they could complete. In the end I worked on the Audio Module, Engine componentism and some gameplay elements such as the crosshair and random spawning.

I also took the task of developing the promotional video which you can watch below or on YouTube

View Code on Github